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Medical Tourist Enjoying Huge Cost Differences For Knee Surg
about 2 months ago

Not all patients with Knee problems have to go through a Knee Replacement. There are many, who get cured with the help of the more conventional methods like medications, pan-relief injections, physiotherapy, etc. But for many these methods are not helpful enough and that is why they are recommended a Knee Replacement procedure.
Some of the Knee disorders for which a Knee Replacement can be the best treatment are:
• Osteoarthritis
• Haemophilia
• Any kind of traumatic injury
• Gout
• Infections in the joints
• Injuries due to during sports activities
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Bone Dysplasias, which leads to abnormal bone growth
• Knee Deformities
• Bone death caused due to hindered supply of blood to the Knee joint


Describe Knee Replacement Surgery

With passing time, the field of Orthopaedics has advanced rapidly and with this advancement there has been the advent of several forms of surgical approaches that are beneficial for patients from any age group affected by any of the above mentioned knee diseases. Some of the most modern surgeries are, which make Knee Replacement Surgery in India highly favoured are:


• Total Knee Replacement – During this surgery, an Orthopaedic surgeon cuts and separates the affected bone and cartilage from the shin bone, thigh bone and the kneecap. After removing these damaged portions, the surgeon places an artificial joint made up of polymers, metal alloys and high-grade plastic components


Knee Replacement Surgery In India



• Arthroscopic surgery – Depending on the extent of the injury, the surgeon may check and then go ahead with this procedure. In this minimally invasive procedure, the surgeon uses extremely specialized surgical tools and passes them through tiny incisions and then damaged joint is repaired. This procedure is useful for eliminating loose bodies from the knee joint, remove or repair damaged cartilage, reconstruct torn ligaments; particularly if it is causing the knee to lock


• Partial Knee Replacement surgery – This procedure is also Unicompartmental Arthroplasty. The surgeon replaces only the section of the knee that is damaged and places artificial parts made of metal or plastic. This procedure can be done by making small incisions and this helps the patients as they recover faster, when compared to a Total Knee Replacement


How Knee Replacement Surgery Helps?

There are many reasons that the Knee Replacement procedure has become so very popular and being so frequently availed in large numbers by patients all across the globe. 

• It helps by lowering the extreme pain
• It frees the patients from the restrictions of doing any activity of their choice
• Provides a better and more active life
• Extremely effectual for patient’s belonging to any age group; more specifically to those involved in any kind of sports activity
• With the new surgery methods, the healing periods is faster


Low Cost And Quality Knee Replacement Surgery In India

In the matter of cost savings, patients find India the most favourable for their pockets. This is because no matter what kind of or how advanced kind of treatment and surgical technique is chosen by the patients, it is for sure that they will find an excellent and very reasonably-priced option.

When compared to most other leading nations, the cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India is only $7,200, while if the patients avail the same procedure in countries like USA or Thailand, they will have to shell out $35,000 and $14,000 respectively. Thus, by proving such major price differences, over the years, India has proved and shown her prowess by being the most cost-effective treatment destination for patients all over the world; especially those searching for affordable Knee Replacement Surgery in India.


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It is proven today that, when it comes to the medical tourism industry, India is at the apex. With the perfect attributes, India comes as a very pleasant surprise with the best treatment amenities for the patients. But how do the patients reach these services? In this matter, Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India can be of great help for such patients, because this group has the best Joint Replacement hospitals and Joint Replacement specialists as a part of its network. So, in case you are planning for a Knee Replacement Surgery in India, please contact us for the most fruitful treatment experience.


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